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Touching Heaven Online

Names have been changed for security reasons.

Irfan has been a part of leading an online Arabic Bible School for years, but recently he adapted some of his learning and experience toward another creative idea.

With a sincere desire to reach more people with the Gospel, Irfan started offering online workshops that provided instruction on commonplace topics such as how to develop better communication skills, how to think critically, and even how to manage stress and anxiety. In the midst of a global pandemic, so many more people were at home and online with extra time on their hands. Many of them were also finding it very difficult to stay positive mentally and free from worry. Irfan set up the workshops so that anyone could join, and he quickly found that a broad spectrum of people were eager to participate. 

“In the past few months,” Irfan reported, “these workshops have really exploded in the best possible way! During COVID, people are so hungry for positive interaction.” 

In the workshops, basic instruction was provided and then participants were invited to discuss with each other what they were learning and what solutions they saw for their problems. Most of the participants were Muslims, but Irfan has recruited many of his fellow followers of Jesus to join the classes as well, so that different perspectives would be shared and friendships would develop.

“Every class includes handpicked, mission-minded followers of Jesus who are eager to share their faith with their classmates,” said Irfan. “Many Muslims in this region have never met a follower of Christ, so these relationships have been very significant.” 

Irfan estimated that 700 Muslim students have participated in the workshops during the first ten weeks they were offered, and many of those were building friendships with Christ-followers. As well, many of the participants were pursuing connections privately outside of the workshops, which was where deeper conversations were happening and the Gospel was being shared openly. 

One Muslim participant said, “I feel a unique kind of peace during the workshops.” Another said of the facilitators, “It is as if they make us touch heaven during the class.”

Since the workshops have been growing, Irfan has reported no shortage of local partners. Churches are hearing about the success of the courses and offering to help.

Also, according to Irfan, more and more Muslims are promoting the workshops among their own people. Many are reporting that the help they receive is not only genuine, but is answering questions for which they have never heard answers before.


Please pray for the continued success of this creative ministry. Pray for Irfan, that God would give him wisdom as he oversees the workshops. Pray for strong friendships between participants and more opportunity for the Gospel to be proclaimed. 


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