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Like the Wind

“These people are nomadic, and that can make them very difficult to find,” the pastor explained, speaking of the challenging realities of trying to bring the Gospel to tribal groups living in areas of West Africa that are harsh, both environmentally and spiritually. “They come, and they go. You can be looking for a family that you saw yesterday, only to find that they have already moved on. A neighbor might tell you to look for them by such-and-such a well, or next to such-and-such a tree.”

“It’s a rough place,” he commented. “And the people? They are like the wind.”

There are few, if any, Christian churches in this region. Many of the people groups are warrior-like in nature. “It takes a lot of wisdom and courage to talk to such people about Jesus,” the pastor said, then added wryly, “Especially when they are wearing a saber!” 

Even with these deterrents, a wave of evangelistic zeal has broken out in this region to reach a particular nomadic, tribal people group. Men and women bearing the truth of the Gospel are risking their lives and sacrificing their own comfort to follow those who, in turn, are following their own flocks. While the nomads wander, ever in search of life-giving water, these evangelists hope to lead them to the Living Water that is found only in Jesus.

“We are not many,” said the pastor, “but we are faithful. We join hands and come together. The Bible tells us to take the Gospel from Jerusalem to Samaria to the ends of the earth, and that is what we will do. I thank God that the Gospel is now being shared here in our country! Still, there are many yet to be reached, and a great need for more workers.” 

It is not an easy calling. Evangelists travel for miles every day in order to share the Word of God with nomads who are always on the move. Determined to bring the Good News, they travel by camel, donkey, or motorcycle; others make the three-hour daily trek on foot. 

“Pray for more workers to be raised up and called here,” the pastor said earnestly. “Pray for strong and resilient families who will be willing to sacrifice much for the sake of our Savior, who sacrificed everything for us.”


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