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Still I Will Follow

“Music,” said Denisa, “is a powerful tool. It can start a war; it can also end one.”

Multiply’s global worker in West Africa is seeing music being used to promote peace and unity in a place of dangerous and violent conflict. “People in West Africa love parties,” explained Denisa (not her real name), “especially if the music is in their language and cultural style. So, the church here started a choir. With young people from five different ethnic groups, ours is the only multi-ethnic choir in the country!” 

The choir began as a simple music class at a church in 2020. Today, dozens of children and young adults, including those from a variety of local Indigenous tribes, are being discipled through this ministry and using concerts and cultural events to reach others with the Gospel of peace. In a country where 75% of the population is under the age of twenty-five, these young believers are finding purpose for their lives, writing, performing, and producing music that communicates the hope that only Jesus can offer. 

Recently, a TREK team from the U.S.A. spent time in this country and built lasting relationships with many of the young adults in the local church. One of the team, a young man named Luke, experienced firsthand the power of music in creating a sense of unity and drawing others to Jesus.

“My favorite part of my time in West Africa was having the opportunity to worship together with believers there,” Luke said, then went on to describe one significant event that impacted him deeply. “Our team began to sing ‘I Have Decided to Follow Jesus,’ in English, and some of the people recognized this song. Then, one of the women started singing along in her native language, and others joined in.” He paused, remembering. “It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever experienced.”

The words of the song were already powerful enough to Luke in his own language, but hearing these African Christians, who have been through so much suffering, enthusiastically sing the words, “though none go with me, still I will follow,” in their own language brought tears to his eyes. 

Pray for these young believers in West Africa who, resolved and joyful, are using their music to draw others into making a decision to follow Jesus and embrace peace.

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