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“We are still trying to get out, Karim. It has been almost two months now. We tried to cross the border, but the police caught us. We were just released and are travelling again. But I think my cell phone battery may die soon.” – Wasim

“I hope you get this text, my brother. May God keep you safe! May you reach a place where you can be free to serve our God.” – Karim

“Pray for me, Karim! I cannot join the call today. My family found out that I am a new believer in Jesus. They have told me to leave the home!” – Madan

“Madan, I am trying to call you! I want to connect you with a believer in your village who can help. Pick up the phone!” -Karim

“Please leave a message...

“Madan, I don’t know if you will get this message. I am praying for your safety, and for your faith to grow. Don’t give up; God is with you. I will try to call one more time.” - Karim

“Please leave a message...

“Madan, our online Bible Study group is meeting right now; we will pray. Friends, welcome! Yusuf, I am so glad you have joined us. Everyone, Yusuf is a new believer in Jesus. We hope to connect him soon to a local believer where he lives.” -Karim

“Thank you, Karim, but I am not ready for that, not yet. The risk is too great here. But I am happy to meet you all.” – Yusuf

“How long have you been a believer?” – Karim

“For two years now. But I am not yet ready to be baptized. I am too afraid of what my family will do to me.” – Yusuf

“Yusuf, may God deliver us from all fears! You are not alone; there are twenty of us online. But I have not been able to reach Madan, the call keeps going to voice mail. Let me try again now…” -Karim

“Please leave a message…

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