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Brought to Tears

Names have been changed for security reasons. 

Almost twenty years ago, Youssef and his wife, Reyna, moved from the US back to Youssef’s home country in West Africa where they now live and serve. They have faithful global partners that support their ministry, but sometimes they feel the distance from them. In recent years, they have entered into partnership with the broader Mennonite Brethren family and with Multiply in particular. In addition, last year, Youssef and Reyna welcomed Kai and Denisa, a couple from Oklahoma, to serve alongside them as long-term workers with Multiply. There has been a growing sense of meaningful collaboration. 

In late 2020, Youssef was asked to participate in one of Multiply’s Global Partnership Calls (now called One-Hour Mission Trips), which have featured different regions around the world where Multiply is serving. On these calls, global partners are invited to share about their ministries and their needs while others engage with them online and pray for them. The calls are just as much for the ministry partners around the world as they are for staff and supporting churches in North America. 

During the call, Youssef was filled with emotion. Later, he confessed that he had not known what to expect from the online video call. However, when he looked at his computer screen and he saw all of the faces of people who were eager to hear from him and pray for him, he was brought to tears. 

He had been aware of the partnership on paper, but to see the faces of so many people was powerful. For him, the community became visible. 

After the call, back in West Africa, Kai and Denisa asked Youssef about his impression of the experience. “It was difficult,” Youssef said, “not because of anything bad, but because of gratitude. I have passion for the topics that were discussed, especially the need for unity in the Church, and I saw so much faith in the group that gathered online. By the end of the call, there was a puddle of tears on the floor beneath me.”

Kai and Denisa affirmed their ministry partner and host, “Youssef is passionate about unity in the body of Christ. On that call, he sensed a real desire to be together and to work together for the kingdom. He was encouraged by a group of leaders who seemed to understand him and who have a passion for mission and for unity. He felt a strong connection with them. We’re excited for what God is going to do through all of us together in the future!”

To join Multiply’s next One-Hour Mission Trip and get a window into what God is doing around the world, go to 1-hour Mission Trip


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