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From Law to Grace

Ever since he was a small boy, Haluk had been fascinated by stories of Jesus. To him, Jesus seemed to be a character of integrity, compassion and social activism. He admired this figure tremendously, and it bothered him when he heard other Muslims ridiculing this man, a man whom even the Q’uran seemed to honour. His parents, highly educated atheists, were equally scornful of Jesus. It felt like a great wrong.

As he grew up, Haluk nurtured this keen sense of social justice, and eventually decided to become a lawyer and champion the cause of the oppressed. During his career he found himself driven to defend those who could not protect themselves. It seemed, at times, a futile endeavor. There were far more victims than heroes in his world. 

Haluk found himself becoming cynical. No matter how hard he worked, there was always injustice and suffering. He sought solace in prosperity, but no amount of money satisfied. His marriage ended in divorce, and he re-married but found himself still empty. Life seemed unfair on every level.

The final straw came when the government of this country took a well-known Christian institution and converted it into a mosque. When Haluk saw how his countrymen callously desecrated sacred Christian icons, he was outraged. The Jesus he had read about deserved more respect. Sharing his anger with friends on social media, he was led to a site that advertised Christian teachings. One click later, Haluk found what he had been looking for all his life. 

Through our church website, Haluk began to listen to online sermons, and to connect with members of our staff for tea and fellowship. When finally our church was able to gather safely in person during the pandemic, Haluk was eager to attend. Hearing the worship songs, he felt an exhilaration that moved him deeply. 

“I am finally home. I am in my Father’s house,” he said to us that day. “It might cost me my entire law career, but I want to follow Jesus.” 

Haluk has now been baptized and is actively sharing his faith with others. For him, correcting the misconceptions that Muslims have about the identity of Jesus is of paramount importance. It is a great wrong that must be set right, and so he openly proclaims Jesus as Lord and Saviour to all who will listen. 

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