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A Life Answer

*All names have been changed for security reasons.

Several years ago, Rahim and Jada took their young child with them and moved from their poor village in Central Asia to the big city, hoping that city life would be better.

Rahim began working up to sixteen hours a day, six days a week. But the income was still not enough to provide daily bread and rent for his small family. Eventually, his wife Jada started cleaning houses for families in the neighborhood, but when she fell ill, it seemed as though their situation was becoming hopeless. As Muslims, they prayed every day, fervently and desperately, asking Allah for some solution. 

In the middle of their turmoil, one night as Jada was sleeping, a man in white appeared to her. He said that he could give her eternal salvation, but that she needed to ask for “a life answer” from a certain woman who lived in one of the apartments that she was cleaning. It seemed like a strange instruction, but Jada decided that she had nothing to lose. So she went to speak with the woman in her apartment. When Jada told the woman about her dream, the woman explained that she was a follower of this “man in white” and his name was Jesus.

The woman invited Jada to her church, where she heard and gladly received the message of grace, love, and salvation through Jesus Christ. After a short time, Jada’s husband Rahim also accepted Jesus as his Savior. 

Since then, the couple has been growing spiritually, and they have become very connected with a local group of believers meeting in their neighborhood. Together, they testify to the great victory that Jesus won in their lives, how he shined a beautiful light into their darkness and gloom. Jada has been transformed, healed of her illness and filled with joy, telling everyone about the “life answer” she found in Jesus Christ.

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