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On Top of That

On a recent video call we heard from PK, one of Multiply’s national leaders in Southeast Asia, about how the church is living on mission in this current time of crisis.

You see that we do not stop,” PK said, indicating the outskirts of a village where he was standing. “Yes, we listen to health authorities, we are careful. But now is a time when everyone is staying at home, they have no jobs, nowhere to go.”

For PK and other church leaders in this region, this presents an opportunity to reach even more people with each visit. “We go to every village and stand on street corners,” he said., “We tell them, ‘No matter what happens, God still loves you!” 

PK points to Jesus as the ultimate proof of that love. “Like the whole world, we have hardships right now,” he explained. “First, there is the economy; there are no jobs. On top of that is drought. Tribal people in rural areas have not enough food to eat or even water to drink. On top of that, there is persecution of believers. And now, on top of that, there is the COVID-19 virus!” 

PK sees the deep needs and fears of those around him and reaches out with unshaken faith and a bag of rice. Where does this confidence come from?

Bob Davis comments that PK is no stranger to hardship, having himself suffered and been imprisoned for his faith. Being a Christ-follower in hostile situations alters one’s perspective dramatically.

 Bob told us about Kaipo, another church leader in this region who faced persecution. “He was sent to prison as an elderly man, and his wife had to take over the church. We asked him, ‘What kept you going?’ It was like he didn’t even understand the question. When we repeated it a couple of times, he finally answered us. ‘Have you never read the Bible? Jesus said it would be like this! You ask me what encourages me? It is to remember that this is normal!’”

At the end of the call, PK prayed for the Western Church. “Bless them, Lord! Help them to humble themselves, so you can lead them and direct them. Let them know that they are part of the world that you so loved, just like us. We pick them up and put them in your hands, in the name of Jesus Christ.”

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