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New Hope Center

Will you help Ukrainian children and families recover from the trauma of war, build healing friendships, and envision a future with Jesus at the center?

Multiply’s Ukraine Team is involved in evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, Church Planting, and emergency relief - all supported through our Ukraine Ministry project. Much of the frontline ministry happens at the New Hope Center in Zaporizhzhia, founded by Multiply Ukraine directors Maxym and Anya Oliferovski. Since 2011, New Hope Center has been providing vocational training to aged-out orphans and other youth-at-risk who are highly vulnerable to sexual exploitation, homelessness, and substance abuse. Summer Camp ministries were launched in 2016, bringing transformation to families in crisis, children, youth, the elderly and the marginalized. Neither pandemic nor war has slowed the ministry down.

While the outbreak of war in 2022 brought challenges to these ministries, it also opened doors for an expanded vision. Staff of New Hope Center have devoted themselves to delivering food kits, relocating families, and responding to requests from municipal social services for emergency relief for the poor. They launched an online ministry to support isolated families with encouraging Bible messages, prayer, and the hope of the Gospel. The New Hope facilities underwent significant renovations to provide the displaced with short-term shelter, professional counseling and help with resettlement. They coordinated with MB churches in Western Ukraine to create ShelterHouse, a seamlessly connected and operational network to provide refuge across the country for those fleeing active war zones. Multiple partnerships have formed to strengthen emergency relief efforts, including with the European office of Multiply in Germany, the European Mennonite Relief Organization (EMRO) and Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).

Hosting camps in Ukraine became complicated and dangerous during the war, yet rather than withdraw this vital ministry, it has grown beyond summer-only camps in order to provide opportunities for traumatized children and families to experience a retreat from the unrelenting stress of armed conflict. The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and war have increased isolation and anxiety to an intolerable degree, and retreats like this are more important than ever.

Your donations to the New Hope Center help provide both immediate emergency relief and the eternal hope of the Gospel, bringing transformation to broken families and communities. Together, we can help heal Ukraine. 


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