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Life Point Ministries

Would you help bring holistic Gospel transformation to communities in Mexico?

Together with the leadership of the RETO Pinar (MB) Church in Guadalajara, our global workers in Mexico are envisioning a cooperative social business venture that will bring the Church and the local community together in ways that allow for the Gospel to be both heard and experienced in tangible ways. Our vision is to become a holistic community platform that seeks to benefit others through love and service.

Tlajomulco de Zúñiga is a municipality of 730,000 people, bordering the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, where there has been a recent increase in residential low-cost housing. It is a community with endemic poverty, crime, single parent households, and limited access to education, health care, electricity, water, and safe public spaces. 

Life Point will facilitate a combined community center and market in Tlajomulco, for the at-cost sale of used goods and the commission sales of hand-crafted items. Our goal is to provide community members in need, such as single mothers, with an opportunity to generate resources while building relationships with members of the local Church. Life and job skills workshops, English classes, biblical counselling, and Bible studies will also be offered and, ultimately, we envision future church planting in this area. 

PROJECT FUNDING: As this business grows, it will become self-sustaining, with a 20% commission charged on the price of each product sold, and a small fee charged for table rental for those selling their own products. In these initial stages, funding is needed for this project. Would you partner with us?

Start-up Expenses:

  • $150 USD will pay for the inital deposit needed to secure the venue
  • $100 USD will provide for furnishings for the community center / market
  •  $50   USD will allow for much-needed repairs and renovations
  •  $50   USD will cover the initial costs for publicity in the community 

Ongoing Expenses:

  • $130 USD will cover venue rental costs for one month
  • $140 USD will provide one month’s salary for full-time staff in this initiative
  • $200 USD will pay for six months of internet services
  • $150 USD will contribute towards six months of publicity and marketing costs
  • $100 USD will cover travel expenses for workers in this ministry for six months

Thank you for joining our team, serving together, that Mexico might know Jesus!



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