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They escaped hoping to find a place where they could practice their Christian faith openly, but Pin and her husband found that the persecution in a neighboring country was just as severe. It was in desperation that they finally crossed the swirling waters of the Maekhong River into Thailand, only able to bring some of their children with them. After years of hiding, they finally found freedom to worship Jesus.

Now, she wanted to go back. 

Pin has been serving at Naomi House in Chiang Mai, discipling others while herself being discipled under the leadership of Siriwan, one of Multiply’s key national partners. When, months ago, she first told Siriwan of her desire to return to her country of origin, they both knew the risk involved. Pin felt an urgent need to share the Gospel with her own village, and especially with her family and her sick and aging mother. Air travel was out of the question, as it would involve submitting paperwork which would identify her to the authorities; she would have to go “undercover”. 

It was an arduous journey. At one point, Pin climbed a mountain in order to have a data signal strong enough to connect and let us know she was safe. Despite moments of harrowing danger, she made it to her village and found it just as spiritually dark as ever. She also found her mother, crippled with pain and near death. None of the witch doctors had been able to heal her; their offerings to the spirits had produced no results, and the family had given up. Pin immediately began to pray in the name of Jesus, and within a short time the pain went away, and her mother was able to walk again. It felt like a miracle!

Pin longed to openly preach the Gospel to the entire village, but it was forbidden to even speak the name of Jesus in public. So, with her brother and other villagers they began to gather secretly, behind closed doors. As she was preparing to return to Chiang Mai, Pin told the new believers that they, too, would need to remain undercover. Pray for Pin, as she and her husband hope to be sent again to evangelize in their village.

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