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More Quiet

My name is Somphop. They call me “Pope.” I am thirty-six years old. In my business, my wife and I sell a kind of baked goods. I am told they are like German pastry. 

I want to encourage you with my story.

I grew up in a family where my mother and father were Christians. Was this good? I think so, yes. I thank God for them now, but as I was growing up, my siblings and I were part of a bad crowd. Yet even while I was drinking and living in sin, God did not let go of me. His love was always near. I messed up a lot; sometimes my heart was on fire for him, sometimes it was cold, but his love was always there. 

When I grew up to be a man, I had the opportunity to marry a Christian woman, and this was a gift from God. But I was still living the old way, not fully surrendered to God. After the birth of our second child, my struggles grew worse. Every small problem felt like a big problem, and my wife and I thought we could not stay together with each other and longer. Praise God, he did not forsake us! We spent time on our knees together, praying to God, and became more quiet in our hearts. God answered us, and changed us, and our problems did not seem so big anymore. 

His Word encouraged us, saying, “Do not let the sun go down on your anger,” and so together we confessed our sins to him. Over time, we became more sincere in our worship of God, and grew closer to him.  Peace came into our lives. I stopped drinking alcohol. The forgiveness we received from Christ allows us to understand each other more and more, and to accept each other. 

What have we learned? Family problems will always come, but they can be good things that help you to grow stronger in your faith. Then, your problems will not grow larger. You will thank God that every morning you can start again, fresh, and know his peace. The fruit of his Holy Spirit - love, joy, peace, forgiveness – these things will make your family happier. 

I leave you with that encouragement. 

Pope’s story comes to us from global worker Rebecca Hiebert

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