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Three Impossible Things

When Gunn was in his early teens, a short-term mission team from Canada came to his school and invited him to Bethel Church. Through the church’s family camp, he prayed to receive Christ. 

“That was the first impossible thing,” Gunn said. “God changed me!” 

That change was immediately evident. His family background was troubled, and it was not unusual for violence to be used to solve problems. “I used to act out, always wanting my own way, rebelling, not obeying my family. But when Jesus came into my life,” he said, “he changed me from having a temper to being someone who listens and cares about others. Before, I was always picking on my sister. Now, I don’t do this anymore.” 

Then he paused and smiled. “Or, at least, not as much!”

“A second impossible thing that God did,” he related, “was that I met my mom! I never thought that would happen!” 

Gunn’s mother had left the family when Gunn was still quite young. He often grieved that his family was broken and incomplete. Reconnecting with his mother brought comfort and healing to Gunn’s heart.

“The third impossible thing,” Gunn went on, “was school.” 

After grade nine, Gunn expected to enter a trade school, where entrance exams were easy and there was little competition for enrollment. Yet when he prayed about this, he sensed God encouraging him to apply to a regular high school. 

“I was afraid,” he admitted. “That school has difficult entrance exams, and so many students want to get in there. But I obeyed what I thought God was saying and I applied.” 

Gunn had only two weeks to prepare for the exam, and virtually no time to study. He decided to invest what little time he did have in praying and just being with God. After taking the exam, he pushed his hopes aside. Later, he was completely taken aback when a friend’s mother suggested he check the acceptance list online. “I thought it was a joke,” Gunn recalled, “that she was taunting me. But I borrowed a computer to check, and there was my name!”

Gunn is serving in worship and other ministries at Bethel Church and Hope Center, believing God for even more impossible things. His favorite verse is Jeremiah 17:7: “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.”

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