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Phway Phway’s Cry for Help

I had not seen Phway Phway for several months. She had been among the ladies who had helped sort coffee beans on our farm in Myanmar. During their time with us, many of the ladies had been powerfully touched by the love of Jesus Christ. However, it was difficult for us to do follow-up with them, so we had lost touch with many of them, including Phway Phway. 

Then, several months later, on a day when I was experiencing some severe disappointments, I asked God what I should do. I heard him say something unexpected, “Louise, hang on. I have a surprise for you, to comfort you and bring you joy.” 

That very day, Phway Phway walked into my house and said, “Is there anything I can do to help you? I am going to have a baby in two weeks and I can’t pay my hospital bill.” 

Phway Phway knew she could not afford the surgery, so she started yelling out, “Jesus, help me! Jesus, save me!”

“Sure,” I said, “Why don’t you teach me the local language?”

Every day, Phway Phway came and taught me. She quickly became part of our family and we had opportunity to pray for her and teach her from the Bible. 

Weeks later, when Phway Phway was in the agony of labor, the doctor announced that the baby was stuck in a breech position and that an emergency C-section would be required. Phway Phway knew she could not afford the surgery, so she started yelling out, “Jesus, help me! Jesus, save me!” 

The nurses all looked at her in shock and said, “We thought you were a Buddhist?” 

“I am,” she said, “but I believe in Jesus too.” Then she began calling out again, “Jesus, save me!”

At that very moment, the baby moved within her and slipped out safely into the doctor’s hands!

Less than a week later, Phway Phway was at my door again. She had walked two miles to my house just to tell me how Jesus had saved her life.

Since then, she has not stopped proclaiming the saving power of Jesus. She has been telling her extended family and her whole community about what Jesus did for her. And one by one, her family members have been coming to us for prayer in the name of Jesus. 

First, it was Phway Phway’s widowed aunt who was suffering from diabetes. Soon after we prayed for her, she called and said, “The headaches and exhaustion are gone! And the doctors said that my blood sugar levels are normal. They say I don’t have diabetes anymore!” Now we have a Bible study every week in her home and her whole family attends!

After that, we visited Phway Phway’s husband’s family in a village outside of Yangon. There we met an uncle who couldn’t walk. We quickly prayed for him and asked him to try and walk on his leg. He immediately jumped up and started walking back and forth across the floor, saying, “I couldn’t do that before!” Within a short time, we heard that this man was walking laps around his village every day! “Thank you for praying for me!” he said to us through Phway Phway, “and please come back and teach the Bible to our family. We want to know more about Jesus!”

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