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God is Still Good

In hardship it is tempting to ask “Why, Lord?” but too often that question spirals into wondering “Is God good?” Lately, as we have been walking in that hard tension of worshiping a good God and yet grieving the reality of a broken world, I have shifted my wrestling, and changed my question from “Why?” to “How?” How will you use this for your glory, Lord? How would you have me show your love?

This past month was one of those moments of tension, where we found ourselves struggling with hard questions. We had received word that a four-month-old boy from one of our churches, infected with COVID-19, had suddenly stopped breathing. The baby was rushed to the hospital and doctors fought to save his life. We rallied our intercessors and began crying out for God to put breath back into those tiny lungs. We held onto hope until, finally, the news came: it was over. Covid-19 had taken the life of this young child. 

God, what are you doing? 

Together, we wept over the loss of this precious baby. We wrestled with our questions. How could this be used for his glory? How could his love be seen? Then, we watched in amazement as we saw our leaders – leaders who, only a few years ago, would have run away from a difficult situation like this one – now choose instead to love like Jesus. Full of compassion, they did not run away, but ran toward those in pain - serving, sacrificing, sharing hope. 

This baby is just one of countless lives that have been lost to the pandemic, and to the violence of the political coup in Myanmar. It is heartbreaking. Still, God is good.

Whether in celebration or grief, joys or sorrows, political unrest or peace, a rising death toll, another lockdown, or anything else that is happening in our world, we serve a God who is faithful, trustworthy, and good - all the time. This is our hope, and the world needs that hope. We invite you, in whatever state that this story finds you, to join us in interceding for this boy’s family, for the people of Myanmar, and for the nations. May the God of all hope continue to make us a beacon of hope to the world, as we show his love in every circumstance.

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