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Eleazar in Mexico

During his life, Eleazar has struggled to overcome many difficulties, and suffered great grief and depression from seeing his pastor and mentor fall into sin, his local church divided, brokenness in his family and loved ones, and then the complete downfall of his church in Mexico. Along with these blows came many emotional struggles and health issues. 

Eleazar knew that God had called him into ministry, but it was not financially possible for him to attend seminary. It was a scholarship from ICOMB that made it possible for him to pursue his dream of being equipped for ministry. Even though he had many hardships while in Paraguay, it brought significant change into his life.

“When I was told that I was being offered a scholarship from ICOMB I had no idea how much benefit this would bring to my life,” said Eleazar. 

“Through my studies in Paraguay, I learned so much. It was such a growing experience: growing in my faith, in my sense of being part of God’s family, in my trust and knowledge of God, and in seeing how he cared for me and supplied my every need. This included giving me deep friendships, and even a wife! It was in seminary that I met Shaila, a wonderful partner who shared my vision to come back to minister in Mexico.”

Shaila and I are now in Mexico serving at the Matthew Training Center and in the local churches, happy to minister in my country while knowing that we are part of a supportive international community. 

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