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Pastor Ashok in South Asia

Pastor Ashok (not his real name) shared his recent experience. When a local woman began attending his church, her husband became angry, even beating her. When she refused to stop going, this man decided to lodge a formal charge against Pastor Ashok with the local police. He was called before the Assistant Commissioner of Police to face accusations of converting her.

When Pastor Ashok arrived at the station, the officer was surprised. “I see that you are a Brahmin (the highest caste in Hinduism), and you are also a Christian,” he exclaimed. “You are even a ‘church father’! How is this possible?” The pastor responded, “Christianity is a faith. not a religion. It is a relationship with God, and no one can receive it without new birth.”

The officer asked, “But why are you pressuring people to come to the church?” Then he turned to the man who had lodged the complaint, and to the man’s wife. “Did this man force you to come to his church?” he demanded.

The man’s wife broke in. “Excuse me, sir,” she said to the police officer, “I go to the church by my own will, no one forced me to go.”

Realizing that the accusation was false, the officer became even more upset; angrily shouting at the man, “Why did you bring a case against this ‘church father’?”

The officer told Pastor Ashok that he should not allow such people to attend the church. The pastor politely responded that the church was God’s house, not his, and that all were welcome. The officer listened in shocked silence, then completed the paperwork and told the pastor he was free to go.

As Pastor Ashok left, he praised the Lord for the opportunity to share the Gospel in a police station!

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