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Mind the Eggs

Our Loures church has been celebrating stories of transformation, some of which did not look very promising in their early chapters. One of those stories involves a woman in her fifties named Lucena, a woman who had always been full of life, passion and love for the Lord. Until something happened that caused her past few years to be filled with agony and tears. 

When Lucena’s husband of over twenty years suddenly abandoned her and her teenage children, she was devastated. His claim to be a Christian only added to her hurt and humiliation.  She struggled with anger and came before God begging him to supply her with work, to provide for her and not to leave her. She hung on to God’s Word, trying to trust in his promises, but her financial situation continued to decline. The church helped as best it could, but the economy in Portugal is still in crisis, and people are all struggling to make ends meet.

There was one very low point when she looked in the refrigerator and saw not one single thing for her and her children to eat. “Oh God,” she cried. “Not even one egg?” Mastering her fear and despair, she went to God alone and spent time in prayer that afternoon, clinging to his goodness and his promises to take care of her. She told no one of her desperate need that day, but God alone. Then, later that afternoon, the doorbell rang. It was a couple who attended the Loures church.

“We felt God prompt us to come over to see you today,” they explained, standing in the doorway with a big basket of food. “I hope you can use this!” 

Lucena was shocked at how quickly God had responded to her prayers and overcome with gratitude. As she reached out to take the over-full basket, the gentleman cautioned her. “Mind the eggs.” Lucena almost laughed out loud. No one but God had heard her earlier complaint! He had once again proved to her his faithfulness and shown his loving kindness through his people.  

Pray for Lucena as she continues to seek to put her life into God’s hands and trust him for provision, especially during this pandemic. Praise God that he continues to be at work in the lives of people here in Portugal! 

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