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It was December, and we had just gone downtown with two of our fellow workers in order to do evangelism with the prostitutes. It was there that we first met Bomb.

Sensing a connection with this girl, we decided to invite her to a local coffee shop. She agreed to meet with us, for a price.

For about eighteen US dollars, we bought two hours of her time.

During those two hours, we had a chance to present the Gospel and share our testimonies. It was a divine appointment. Near the end of our time, Bomb asked to receive Christ. Her life was complicated, and she was not quite ready to leave her life on the streets, but she could not turn down this Good News we had just shared. We hugged and celebrated with her, but, in the end, Bomb would not give us her phone number. We had no way to follow up with her.

Over the next four months, Bomb was often on my mind and in my prayers. I would go downtown to look for her late at night, but could never find her. Then Duan, one of the girls from our Abundant Life Home, arrived late one night back in Chonburi after a twelve-hour bus ride. As she stepped off the bus, a girl unexpectedly rode up on her scooter and offered to give Duan a ride home. Arriving later at our house, Duan came and found us to ask for some money in order to pay this kind stranger. When I walked out to see who this person was, I was shocked to see that it was Bomb! We stood there, and stared at each other in disbelief.

I had been looking for Bomb unsuccessfully for four months, in a city of about 700,000 people. Then - all of a sudden - Bomb was there, right on my doorstep. We both agreed that it was a miracle! This time she gladly gave me her phone number.

Being reunited with Bomb in this way has reminded me to pay more attention, noticing all the pieces that God puts into place as he invites us to join him in rescuing and transforming his precious children. Pray for Bomb, and others like her we work with in our ministry project, called Standing Strong.

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