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Yes, SOAR Heartland 2021 will still be taking place but we are looking at modifications to ensure the health of the participants and those to whom we are ministering. We will be following all local COVID-19 protocols to protect the health of everyone and have designed SOAR with the flexibility to adjust as new guidelines are released.
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Changes for SOAR 2021:

  1. SOAR Heartland will be only 5 days long, March 26th-30th (Starting Friday evening and ending Tuesday evening)

  2. Teaching and Worship will be live-streamed to your location. Depending on gathering sizes we are hoping that your group and possibly one or two others can meet together at one location. This one location will be your group’s hub for worship, teaching, meals and community. If we are in full code red lockdown we will still be able to offer the teaching and worship online and then have modifications for your group connections and ministries.

  3. Ministry is looking very different in this season for all our ministry partners as they are having to find creative ways to safely serve their communities with limited physical interaction. We will rely on their expertise and guidance to what will serve their community best. We will have a list of possible ministry activities for your group to engage in during the ministry portion of the program.

Even though it is difficult to physically interact with one another we know that SOAR’s core values of Growing in intimacy with Jesus, Knowing God’s heart for the world, and Going and join in God’s mission is still possible and necessary. The church carries this beautiful gospel message of hope beyond our physical limitations. Join us for SOAR Heartland 2021 and explore how you might bring this message of hope to your local community and encounter Jesus in your own life. 

The Church TOGETHER encountering Jesus and His heart for Local Missions


70% of young adults are leaving the church

Of those staying in the church 90% have done some kind of mission outreach.

Local Ministries need our support

SOAR has been working with local ministries for over 17 years.

The Church needs to come TOGETHER.

SOAR is a partnership with the local church and brings 10+ churches together for worship, teaching, community & ministry.
You’ll be amazed
at what God can do
in you and through you
in ten days.

How do I join?

Step #1
Gather your SOAR team

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  • SOAR is meant to be experienced as a team. Every individual will experience Jesus different through SOAR, but much of the ministry and processing happens as a team unit. 

  • Do you have a passion for mission and hope that it will grow in your own church? Tap a few people on the shoulder and invite them to come on SOAR with you.

  • A SOAR team can be any combination of youth, young adults, families, singles and seniors but all with a heart to encounter Jesus and His Mission. Teams can range in size from 3 - 30+ people. A lot of the teams that come are youth groups, but SOAR is not only meant for youth. SOAR exists to help all the churches get connected with Jesus and local missions. Because of the intensity of SOAR both spiritually and emotionally we recommend that no one under the age of 13 come unless accompanied by a parent or guardian to help them process their experience.

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  • Signing up your team helps the SOAR leadership prepare and plan for this year’s SOAR program. See the details below for the early registration deadline. Click this button to start your registration process. The team leader will have to start the registration process but then everyone from the group will have to individually submit their own registrations.

Step #3
Prepare to come on SOAR

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As you prepare your team for SOAR here are some steps to getting ready:
    1. Raise the finances: Each group has a different way of raising the amount needed for SOAR so as a team you can decide how you want to do this. The amount for SOAR is a donation so you will receive a tax receipt for your payment. 

    2. Meet as a team: It is good to meet a couple of times before SOAR to get to know each other better and get a better understanding of what to expect on SOAR.

    3. Find a mentor: We recommend that everyone coming on SOAR have someone to be able to process both the preparation for SOAR and debrief their experience. 

How does this work?

Will this work for my group?
We strive to make SOAR accessible to all ages and group makeup. There are bursaries available for those that don’t have the financial resources. We desire for you to encounter Jesus’ heart for mission and will work with you to set up a ministry that suits your group.
Connect with an experienced SOAR Leader
No one can answer your questions better than an experienced SOAR leader. They have worked through all the questions that you will likely have and have a passion to share about their experience. Contact me and I will connect you with an experienced leader that has led a group similar to yours.

More info on COVID-19 protocols

SOAR Heartland 2021 will be just 5 days and modified to an online and multi-site program to accommodate COVID-19 protocols. We hope that the options below can be offered in future years. For this year we strive to maintain the same missional values for SOAR while working to ensure the safety of all the participants, volunteers and those to whom we minister.

soar ex

4-day program

SOAR EX is a space to explore God’s mission, experience Jesus and get exposed to those in the margins. This runs alongside SOAR Heartland but is only the first 4 days. 

Small groups, young adults, families and youth groups…

March 25th to 28th

soar heartland

5 Day Mission Experience

SOAR Heartland gives you the opportunity to experience God’s love for Winnipeg and surrounding area. You’ll be amazed at what God can do in you and through you in ten days.

Youth Groups or other church groups wanting to experience local missions


Serve with us

SOAR relies on volunteers to come and serve the participants by preparing and serving meals as well as cleaning. It is through community support that SOAR is possible.

Anyone with a willing heart.

The week before SOAR until April 3rd

soar ex


Why Come?

  • Meet with Jesus
  • Experience God’s Heart for Winnipeg
  • Looking for a catalyst to renew your heart for Jesus?
  • Shorter commitment to try than the full 10 day commitment
  • Can’t get the time off work for SOAR Heartland? This is just over the weekend + 1 day
  • Don’t just want to go to a youth conference, but want to get hands on with ministry?
  • Experience the needs in your local community and maybe start a long term relationship with a local ministry.


soar heartland


Why Come?

  • Meet with Jesus

  • Experience God’s Heart for Winnipeg

  • Looking for a catalyst to renew your heart for Jesus?

  • Don’t just want to go to a youth conference, but want to get hands-on with ministry?

  • Experience God stretching you outside your comfort zone as you invest the 5 days into training, worship and ministry.

  • Experience the needs in your local community and maybe start a long term relationship with a local ministry.



Dates: March 25th to April 3rd

  • Or help with set up and prep for SOAR the week prior to SOAR 

Opportunities For Service:

  • Food Prep
  • Meal Service and Cleanup
  • Facility Cleanup
  • Donate Cookies for the youth and minstries
  • Come help host the Community Festival
  • Help with transportation (drive a bus or large van)

Adopt a Day as a Community

  • Come as a community and cover all or most of the volunteer needs for a day at SOAR

Why Come?

  • SOAR is only possible with the many volunteers
  • Come and serve the SOAR community and see how Jesus is impacting their lives
  • Join our community for the day serving but also join our worship and teaching sessions.
  • Use your gifts to bless our community


Donate to SOAR Heartland