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Coffee Business in Southeast Asia

Would you be interested in helping us add value to our coffee production team in Southeast Asia?

Attention all disciples of Jesus with experience in any of these categories: engineering, technology, accounting, marketing, media, website, and agribusiness.

We have a very unique team of pastors and church planters in Southeast Asia who are currently growing coffee and other crops to help support their ministry. Our goal is to empower this team and to help them become self-sustaining. 

We know that there are two keys to success for small-crop coffee associations around the world:

  1. good financial accountability and planning 
  2. good communication with buyers 

Do you have the skills and motivation to help us in either of these areas?

We already have a great product that is being procured through environmental and ethical practices—which is very good news for the consumer. We also have an amazing opportunity to provide a strong connection between the consumer and the coffee farmer. 

Now we just need help from business-minded people who really love God and love people. We need candidates who have a combination of mental and physical strength, high-end professional skill and deep spiritual maturity who are willing to take on a role as business consultants in a very unique setting in Southeast Asia.

If you are excited about bringing the hope of the Gospel to unreached peoples in Southeast Asia through business and community development, and you are eager to do that while depending on the Holy Spirit in prayer and worship, remaining faithful to studying God’s Word, and having lots of fun and laughter along the way, then we would love to invite you to get in touch with us about this specific opportunity.  

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