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Well of Plenty

Video Update

In an economy that is heavily dependent on agriculture, the frequent droughts and floods experienced in Malawi are devastating. Because of crop choices, it is the small-scale subsistence farmers who are most affected, but food shortages lead to drastic price increases that affect the entire country, diminishing already meager incomes and reinforcing a cycle of poverty and despair. Well of Plenty offers hope.

Access to affordable water-efficient irrigation is essential to the survival and thriving of small-plot farmers in Malawi. Well of Plenty utilizes drip irrigation in combination with solar/wind-powered electrical grids, providing a reliable source of energy to drive water pumps and provide electricity, and we provide training programs to teach farmers how to maximize their crop growth throughout the year. This impacts virtually every aspect of life in rural regions. With more consistently marketable produce, income can remain steady,farmers can better meet the nutritional needs of their own families and the economy of the entire country flourishes. Consistent electrical supply allows children to be able to study and have computer access at night. At Well of Plenty we believe that this kind of holistic approach to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ can transform a nation.

For more details our link is

Project C0784

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