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Help Provide Business Loans to the Poor in Malawi

Malawi is a poor country that has become poorer through COVID. People are struggling to survive as food costs have increased. Just outside the capital city of Lilongwe, there is a refugee camp of about 50,000 people from various African nations. In this camp, where the MB church of Malawi began, poverty is even more severe than outside of the camp. However, the Village Savings and Loans project is helping the poorest of the poor by providing training on how to run a small business, as well as how to save money and use loans. As people develop a business plan, they are loaned small sums of money to start their businesses, such as raising chickens, growing tomatoes, or buying and reselling clothes. As they generate income, they are able to pay back the loan, which allows others in the program to do the same. In this way, people help themselves out of poverty and end up helping others as well.

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